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Explore our blog content spanning a wide variety of wellness topics to learn how to improve your well-being holistically. We have content for everyone: health professionals like physicians, dietitians, or personal trainers seeking information for their patients; Health Coaches looking to support clients with weight loss, mental health, or meal prep; wellness enthusiasts looking for healthy recipes or tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. 
All the information provided here is intended to be a resource for you to make informed decisions as you navigate your individual health journey. 

Recent Blog Posts

Leadership in Health Coaching Award for the July 2022 Classes

HCTP July 2022 class Karina Xavier Holstein Florianopolis, Brazil Instagram handle: @kaholstein What were you doing prior to enrolling at IIN? I was and still am working for the Brazilian government ...

How to Cool Off This Summer, According to Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, each season is associated with a dosha, or body type. Because summer is hot, fiery, and dry, it’s matched with the fire sign Pitta. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that every person has ...

Red 40: Side Effects and Whats in it?

What do pickles, BBQ sauce and Hawaiian Punch have in common? Yes, they all belong at a summer BBQ, but there is something else. These common foods frequently contain an ingredient called Red 40, ...

Iridology: What Is It, and Is It Useful?

What Is Iridology? Iridology is a theory that it’s possible to assess health issues by analyzing changes in the appearance of the iris and pupil of the eye. Proponents believe that marks and colors ...

Ayurveda vs. Homeopathy: Understanding the Difference

The implementation of alternative medicine and health care has surged within the past several years. because people are looking for new avenues to find relief, healing, and individualized self-care. ...

Essential Yoga Equipment and Gear Every Yogi Needs

Yoga is so much more than just a physical exercise – it’s a holistic practice that benefits the mind, body, and soul. That’s why it’s so important to make the most out of your sessions by having the ...

Boost Productivity and Wellness with Meditation in the Office

The office environment has evolved quite a bit since the days of tiny cubicles and headache-inducing fluorescent lights. The concept of cultivating a healthy work environment has skyrocketed in ...

Fitness Synergy: Yoga & Strength Training

When paired together (whether it be practicing both in the same session or just in the same week), yoga and strength training can be a powerful cross-training combination that supports multiple ...

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